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Espace CDPQ is proud to be collaborating with Mila, the Québec Artificial Intelligence Institute, to help create a new culture of collaboration between the academic and business communities in artificial intelligence. To that end, it has created Espace CDPQ Axe | IA at Mila.


Valérie Pisano

At Mila, we are thrilled about this partnership since it it will enable us to realize several aspects of our mission, particularly with regard to research and applied artificial intelligence. We are working with the resources at Espace CDPQ | Axe IA to take concrete steps to speed up the development of Québec startups.

Valérie Pisano
President and CEO - Mila

Espace CDPQ | Axe IA

An area dedicated to businessezs

Located at Mila and supported by Espace CDPQ, Axe IA brings together around 20 businesses in different industries and stages to stimulate the commercialization of their AI products or services. 

Photo of Mila's collaboration and work spaces
Photo of Mila's collaboration and work spaces

Tailored support

By having a presence at Axe IA, businesses can leverage technological and business expertise from a large ecosystem in order to: 

  • Enrich their skills and create new business opportunities 
  • Deepen the development capacity of their AI products or services 
  • Strenghten their connections with the local and the international AI ecosystem 
  • Create synergies and opportunities for co-development with peers
Photo of a meeting at Mila
Photo of a meeting at Mila

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