Impact in Québec | Espace CDPQ

Since it was created, Espace CDPQ has made key contributions to Québec’s growth and economic development.

A tangible impact


venture capital firms operating in all economic sectors

$18 B

in assets under management

+ 1000

active investments

Nearly 150

co-investments since Espace CDPQ was founded

Connections beyond our community

Espace CDPQ seeks to boost its impact by creating partnerships and joint initiatives with other organizations that embrace innovation. 

Drawing on its ability to attract key stakeholders, Espace CDPQ facilitates access to venture capital for entrepreneurs in every region of Québec and provides them with the resources they need to ensure their growth and long-term vitality, wherever they may be. 

Espace CDPQ’s collaborators

Champion best practices, offer concrete solutions in support of innovative SMEs, contribute to their local and international outreach, partner with Espace CDPQ and contribute to the community’s success.